I’m under the weather! and random thoughts about the Scottsdale Hot Chocolate 15K


My cold/flu arsenal, dog included.



While I had a wonderful time in Louisiana for Thanksgiving, I picked up a nasty cold. At first, the insidious little jerk disguised itself as allergies and was perfectly happy to keep me only slightly irritated while being kept at bay on Claritin.  However, coming home it decided that enough was enough and went full-blown on Sunday. I’m talking the total, full monty congestion, sore throat, and hacking cough.  I’m not sure, but I think I have produced enough snot of various colors to break some sort of record.  Interestingly enough, during my recoup time on the couch (and between Netflix shows), I researched the color of snot and was intrigued to find out just how many shades of mucus actually exist.

To save you the suspense, this is what I found out about my particular hue of snot:


I was really somewhere in the middle, which I interpreted as this cold was really not messing around.  Action was necessary, especially since the Scottsdale Hot Chocolate 15K is this Sunday. I gathered together some tried-and-true and got busy instigating “Operation Nasty Cold Beat Down.”

Here is a pictorial and written list of my cold arsenal:


I’ve recently started to binge watch the show Criminal Minds on Netflix (actually part of my cold arsenal).  Character Dr. Spencer Reid informs us that overkill is personal. It may seem my cold arsenal is overkill, but this cold has made it personal now.

(from left to right, Spencer Reid excluded)

Benadryl: clears the sinuses and puts me to sleep for 12 hours.  My go-to for colds, flu, allergies, and turbulent airplane rides over water.

Halls drops: Vitamin C “suckers” and Vanilla Strawberry flavors. Vitamin C is supposedly the cold assassin and let’s face it, the vanilla strawberry tastes really, really good.

Toilet Paper: Cheaper than Kleenex and much more accessible. Softer than paper towel, too.

DayQuil: Benadryl except without the total 12-hour knockout.

Hand Sanitizer: I mean, I’m not totally heartless.  I don’t want to pass this thing around.  A must have at the workplace and among germaphobes like me.

Airborne:  What I should have taken prior to the plane ride.  One of these days I’ll learn.

Immune Support:  A totally overpriced holistic immune support I picked up a compounding pharmacy last year.

Vitamin D:  If it’s good enough for my Gynecologist’s medical assistant’s cold, it’s good enough for me.

Sleepytime Tea: Just in case the Benadryl doesn’t do it’s job.  The camomile can’t hurt either, right?

Honey:  Honey can do many, many things.  Honey is a great cough medicine and soothes upper respiratory infections.  Honey also helps in the reduction of allergy symptoms and boosts energy.  Interestingly enough, Honey also seems to be a remedy for herpes.  For the record, the latter is not the reason I use honey.

Netflix: My current binge favorites include Hawaii Five-O, Criminal Minds, Narcos, Chopped, Reign. And let’s not forget the classic Breaking Bad (only the BEST.SHOW.EVER.MADE). Also good for emotional numbing, general distraction, and all-around procrastination. Definitely multipurpose.

And finally (most importantly)…

Beignet, Super Corgi: I mean does this one need explanation?



Hawaii Five-O eye candy. The real reason to binge watch this show.

Normally, I wouldn’t be quite so concerned about a cold, especially one that has gotten me out of work for the last three days.  However, this weekend is the Scottsdale Hot Chocolate 15K and I really want to go.  According to my super amazing Coach Jenn, one can still race with a cold.  She told me to forego my workouts this week and go this weekend as long as I didn’t have a fever.  I’m not totally concerned because I a) am feeling better, b) have less congestion, c) just ran a half marathon 2 weeks ago, and d) really, REALLY, want the medal. So, I decided that I will cross the finish at a walk (crawl) if I have to. AND awesome hubs has already squared away the hotel, etc., so it will be a fun weekend together.  That being said, I have lowered my expectations for my performance to just enjoying the weekend/race, not getting sicker, and getting THAT MEDAL!


Scottsdale Hot Chocolate 15K Medal.  See what I mean? Who wouldn’t drag an IV pole along to get this beauty?



Should You Run When You’re Sick?    Probably not like this. For the record, although I felt like this with a cold this week, this was me two years ago after a Septoplasty and Tear Duct Reconstruction.  Hubs couldn’t resist getting a picture.



What do you do when you’re sick?  I’m always looking for Netflix recommendations, so what do you binge watch?  How does it affect your exercise/training?



5 thoughts on “I’m under the weather! and random thoughts about the Scottsdale Hot Chocolate 15K

  1. Sherill says:

    I lost my voice today, therefore, I canceled class! So now I am reading your post. Maybe, I’ll try Netflix’s👀. Maybe, I should try running! Maybe, Benadryl! I wil be waiting to hear about the outcome of the race.


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